A small number of books and magazines are still being printed in Hoang Gia

A small number of books and magazines are still being printed in Hoang Gia - SITUATION OF INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION ACTIVITIES


Today, the demand for printing publications such as books or magazines is becoming more and more important. Companies have begun to have internal magazines, journals, or books to serve the communication work within the company. According to the Royal publishing motto, businesses need to build their own bookcase, as a method of marketing, creating a new product and creating a culture for the organization and the community. This is the fundamental value for the longevity of a great brand...

Or young writers and poets often choose to self-print publications as commemoration or small-volume distribution, instead of bringing it to the publisher to save money and time. Royal book and magazine printing services meet all the needs of customers.

Not all printing companies understand and accept the needs of printing books in small quantities like Royal, because printing books and magazines requires a full range of machinery and good printing techniques, from printing to printing. Pressing the content page to the cover of the book so that it is really good quality to the binding of the book into each book, that process needs to be supported by good printing technology.

In addition, some printers do not have professional designers, but only focus on printing publications with design files provided by customers. Understanding those things, the Royal Family has provided printing services for books and magazines with a small quantity but still ensuring perfect quality and full legal procedures.

In addition, Royal also has a professional design team to help customers design book covers and spines professionally. The product is guaranteed both in terms of aesthetics and quality. Royal grants international book authorship for each work.

For a reader, the cover of the book always plays a very important role. With a new book, never knowing the content, the first thing that readers pay attention to is the book cover. A beautiful and eye-catching book cover can make readers hold the book and enjoy each content inside. That is the reason that any customer who needs to print books and magazines should choose Royal. Modern printing factory system, advanced equipment, source of paper and ink of international quality. In addition, there is a professional design department, creative in the West and Europe, a highly skilled and experienced printing department with more than 20 years of experience.

Surely the products of Royal, will make any customer satisfied!

Royal priority priority support for vietnamese authors live in countries to be published in vietnam

Người việt nam đang sống tại nước ngoài vẫn được hỗ trợ xuất bản sách tại việt nam qua công ty hoàng gia để đảm bảo hoàn toàn về tính pháp lý cũng như sở hữu trí tuệ.


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