Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn ROYAL BOOK PUBLISHING. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn ROYAL BOOK PUBLISHING. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

A small number of books and magazines are still being printed in Hoang Gia

A small number of books and magazines are still being printed in Hoang Gia - SITUATION OF INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION ACTIVITIES


Today, the demand for printing publications such as books or magazines is becoming more and more important. Companies have begun to have internal magazines, journals, or books to serve the communication work within the company. According to the Royal publishing motto, businesses need to build their own bookcase, as a method of marketing, creating a new product and creating a culture for the organization and the community. This is the fundamental value for the longevity of a great brand...

Or young writers and poets often choose to self-print publications as commemoration or small-volume distribution, instead of bringing it to the publisher to save money and time. Royal book and magazine printing services meet all the needs of customers.

Not all printing companies understand and accept the needs of printing books in small quantities like Royal, because printing books and magazines requires a full range of machinery and good printing techniques, from printing to printing. Pressing the content page to the cover of the book so that it is really good quality to the binding of the book into each book, that process needs to be supported by good printing technology.

In addition, some printers do not have professional designers, but only focus on printing publications with design files provided by customers. Understanding those things, the Royal Family has provided printing services for books and magazines with a small quantity but still ensuring perfect quality and full legal procedures.

In addition, Royal also has a professional design team to help customers design book covers and spines professionally. The product is guaranteed both in terms of aesthetics and quality. Royal grants international book authorship for each work.

For a reader, the cover of the book always plays a very important role. With a new book, never knowing the content, the first thing that readers pay attention to is the book cover. A beautiful and eye-catching book cover can make readers hold the book and enjoy each content inside. That is the reason that any customer who needs to print books and magazines should choose Royal. Modern printing factory system, advanced equipment, source of paper and ink of international quality. In addition, there is a professional design department, creative in the West and Europe, a highly skilled and experienced printing department with more than 20 years of experience.

Surely the products of Royal, will make any customer satisfied!

Royal priority priority support for vietnamese authors live in countries to be published in vietnam

Người việt nam đang sống tại nước ngoài vẫn được hỗ trợ xuất bản sách tại việt nam qua công ty hoàng gia để đảm bảo hoàn toàn về tính pháp lý cũng như sở hữu trí tuệ.


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This must be the question of many of you who are planning to become a writer. If you really want to be an author then you have to be prepared to spend many hours a day trying to come up with unique and interesting ideas. You may have to get up before dawn to start your "real" work. You may have to jot down ideas on the train home. There will be frustrating times, but other times it will be more satisfying than you can imagine. And the feeling of writing a book and then releasing it can be one of the greatest things in the world. Do you think you have the qualities to actually be an author? To find out, perform the following steps.


1.read all you can

This may be "not" what you want to hear when you want to learn about the exciting life of being an author, but reading will be key to your success. Reading all you can will not only help you develop your writing skills, give you more ideas on how to refine your work, and help you develop the patience you need to write your book, but it also gives get a better sense of what's selling in the market. Set aside a few hours a day to read as many books as you can, and try to read as many genres as you can.

If you already have an idea of ​​the genre you want to write about, whether it's science fiction or non-fiction, you should focus on reading books in this genre. However, to become good at writing in general, you should read as much as possible.

The more you read, the more familiar you become with common clichés. You want your book to stand out, so if you find ten books too similar to it, you might have to find a different perspective.

When you find a book you really like, ask yourself what makes it so special to you. Is the protagonist ridiculous? Beautiful writings? Feelings about the place? The more you determine why you like a book, the more astute you will be in your efforts to make your book appealing to a wide audience.


2.start small

If you want to be an author, chances are you have to start by publishing a work of non-fiction or a full-length novel. It is very difficult to sell your first work, a collection of short stories or essays. However, it can be difficult to jump right into a novel or a full-fledged work of non-fiction. So, if fiction is your thing, try first by writing a few short stories to get a feel for the craft. If you prefer nonfiction, try writing a short essay before writing a full piece of nonfiction.

This is not to say that short stories are inferior to novels. Alice munro, winner of the 2013 nobel prize in literature, has never published a novel during her illustrious career. However, now it is increasingly difficult to gain fame with short stories.


3.consider getting a degree in writing

If you want to publish a work of fiction or non-fiction, earning a master's or master of arts degree in fiction or non-fiction is a popular way to pursue this career. If you want to write something more commercial, like science fiction or romance novels, this route isn't terribly necessary, although it can still be useful. Earning a degree in creative writing can open your way into the life of a writer, help you tap into a community of like-minded writers who provide helpful feedback, and also give you two great ideas. Three years focusing on his craft.

Many writers publish their work as teachers at undergraduate masters of arts or writing programs. You'll need a creative writing degree to do this, so if this is your last move, consider getting one.

Earning a degree in creative writing can also help you start connecting with others. You will meet faculty members who can help you publish your work or develop into a writer in other ways.

A writing degree is "not" a direct route to success as a writer, but it can greatly improve your craft.


      4.get feedback

If you choose to enroll in a writing program, you'll spend a lot of time at writing seminars where you'll get plenty of feedback from your peers. You will also work independently of the faculty and receive feedback from one person at a time. But if you're not going this route, you should join a writing group in your community, attend a writing workshop organized by a local community college or adult school, or even just go to school. You need to ask some trusted friends to look at your work.

While feedback should always be taken seriously, receiving feedback will give you a better sense of where you stand.

Getting feedback will help you see if your work is ready for publication, or if you have more work to do. You have to make sure you're asking the right audience -- people who really understand your work and what you want to do.


5.start submitting your work to small publishers

If you have a few short stories or essays that you think are ready to publish, you should start trying to submit them to literary journals or specialized journals that publish works of the genre. Your genre, like specialized magazines about historical fantasy or romance. All you have to do is put the manuscript in order and send a short cover letter to the editor of the journal; then wait.

This will be your first exposure to something common to writers: a lot of rejection will come up. Try not to take it personally and see it as a way to get better.

Some specialized journals charge a fee of 50,000 to 70,000 for submission of works. This is annoying, but that doesn't mean the magazine is trying to rip you off; that's because they often operate on a tight budget.

If you have a need to publish a book, please contact us via hotline: 0902467524 - email: trantrungkien@danhnhan.net - mr. Tran trung kien – author - author advisor) –– the person who will help you publish your book successfully on every word!